Custom (Re)Design Your Self-Storage Units: How to Increase Curb Appeal and Your Bottom Line

The first self-storage units, appearing before 1970, were very different from the units commonly seen today. Self storage facilityThey sat upon poorly utilized land, featured expensive designs, and required a lot of maintenance over time. Instead of going by local demand, first generation designs had site plans including an arbitrary mix of units. Changing the unit styles to fit actual customer needs required expensive building modifications.

Today, the industry landscape is very different; self-storage designs have evolved with enhanced flexibility to meet changing market demands. Custom self-storage units are an economically feasible solution to maximize land and create long-term, virtually maintenance-free designs. Site plans have more user-friendly positioning of the units based on the surrounding area, available building products, and cost-effective technology.

Advantages of Designing Self-Storage Unit

Choosing design modifications to renovate your units not only enhances your self-storage curb appeal, but also improves your bottom line. With custom storage units, you can choose the design most appropriate for your facility’s use (indoor vs. outdoor, commercial vs. residential) as well as determining which materials would minimize long-term maintenance and best suit your environment – not to mention give your building a sleek façade.

This exterior is a close up of the security unit.In order to meet customer needs, self-storage owners now focus on creating a mix of storage units that better caters to these considerations. Whether building from the ground up or buying and updating existing buildings, owners save both time and money by customizing units from the start to reduce the need for modifications down the road.

Renovations to your building’s façade don’t need to be monumental to have an impact on your bottom line. Carefully selecting the right materials and features to match the needs of your customers will enhance the form — with increased business stemming from greater curb appeal — as well as the function — money saved on reduced maintenance costs — of your unit.

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aps_4_design_ebookThe right materials and an eye-catching exterior will help you define your brand and distinguish yourself from competitors. American Prefabricated Structures offers over 30 different cold roll-formed metal profiles in more than 100 different material types, secondary finishes, and colors to custom design your storage units.

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