Custom Prefabrication Designs

At American Prefabricated Structures, we customize any prefabricated design to suit our customers’ needs.

Whether that involves making minor changes to an existing building plan or customizing an entire design from scratch, our team will make any adjustments that our customers need to fit their exact design specifications.

Enhancing Brand Image

We can help your company to establish a sleek, reinvigorated look by redesigning your aesthetic and renovating your existing properties or structures to reflect the new feel.

For example, we’ve recently seen a growing trend of fast food restaurants overhauling their brands, updating their building designs to match their fresh look. With a new focus on modern architectural design, restaurants are incorporating large glass windows, curved facades, and eye-catching colors to match their corporate branding images.

Problem-Solving Through Design

Don’t see a design on our site that matches your exact needs? Come to us with a new design idea; our APS team will develop a structure and manufacture it from the ground up to match your desired style.

Our custom capabilities also include adjustments to existing structures — from large-scale retrofits down to minor design tweaks, our team has experience in adapting a design for any project need.

Nationwide Store Retrofit

Retail Design Services, a firm specializing in the construction of retail stores, needed a manufacturer to design and fabricate a high volume of dressing room partitions for use in newly redesigned Old Navy stores across the United States. They reached out to APS, requesting that our team retrofit a series of prefabricated structures to be shipped nationwide. Our partitions are now installed in hundreds of Old Navy stores across the country.

Design Damage Prevention

In a more nuanced project, a customer came to us for support with a series of exterior self-storage units we had previously built for them. The customer loved the units, but said the light gauge panels were routinely suffering damage from people accidentally kicking — and therefore denting them — as they walked by. By increasing the gauge of the panels, we virtually eradicated the possibility of future damage.

Whether your prefabricated metal problem is big or small, APS’s engineering and architectural team will work with you to develop the ideal solution. We offer custom architectural design expertise, the ability to match to any color on the market, and over 30 custom metal profiles available in more than 100 finishes and materials.

For more information about how we can help you with your next custom prefabricated metal project, contact our team today.

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