Interior Storage Units

Interior self-storage units are an efficient solution for maximizing your storage in places with limited amounts of space.

In cities and urban areas, for example, there’s simply not enough open land to build an entirely self-supporting structure. With interior self-storage units, any free space in an existing building, such as the basement of an apartment complex, can easily be converted into partitioned storage units.

Gain the Flexibility You Need

Interior self-storage units are typically climate controlled, well lit, more secure, and smaller in size than exterior units, all of which makes them ideal for protecting delicate, valuable items from harsh weather and intruders.

Because interior units don’t back up to an outside wall in the way that exterior units do, they are better insulated and able to block out extreme temperatures. They’re also less prone to unwanted visitors such as insects and rodents.

The ability of interior units to exist within multi-level buildings, and on any level of a multi-level building, is an additional benefit. This is particularly true for customers who may be on a tight budget — upper-level units are often less expensive to rent than those located on the first-floor.

Let us help you design and install the interior storage units that best match your unique financial, functional, and aesthetic needs.

Plenty of Options

At American Prefabricated Structures, we value sleek, 21st century design aesthetics just as much as we do function and simplicity. Choose from a selection of more than 30 different cold roll-formed metal profiles in over 100 secondary finishes, vibrant colors, and materials to turn a dark, cluttered basement into a bright, clean storage space.

Our metal profiles, made from aluminum, steel, stainless steel, weathering steel, and more include:

  • Sinewave
  • Box rib
  • B-Deck
  • R-Panel
  • Box Beam
  • V-Beam
  • Bold Rib
  • Cor-Rib
  • And many more

As our name suggests, the vast majority of American Prefabricated Structures’ structural metal components for walls and doors are prefabricated. However, every solution we provide contains some individualized design elements — especially when it comes to interior self-storage units. Not all condominium buildings have the same ceiling height or spacing between structural columns, for example.

Customized Designs to Meet your Needs

Each job we take on is unique in some way, and our team is equipped to meet any particular structural challenge during the planning, fabrication, or installation processes. Our agile engineering team will adjust the design specifications to develop a solution that works best for your existing space.

Additionally, if none of the pre-existing design renderings on our site match your needs, we invite you to come to us with your ideas; our design team will happily work with you offering design assistance and support to develop an original concept that works best for your space.

Interior self-storage units are simple solutions with fast turnaround time. We can deliver the units and components within two weeks of your order, with a quick installation of about 150 square feet per man hour thereafter. Convert your wasted space into storage space in no time with interior self-storage.

Contact us today to learn more about how the American Prefabricated Structures team can help you design your next metal self-storage project.

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