Design Differentiation

In the business of self-storage, it can be difficult to stand out. How many times have you driven past rows upon rows of identical, single-story storage units without giving them a second thought?

For exterior self-storage units, it is especially challenging to catch someone’s eye as they pass by within a matter of seconds.

When you choose to work with APS,  you will grab customers’ attention with a sleek, 21st century design that enhances and promotes your Brand.

The geometry, material selection, finish, and color of your self-storage units each present distinct opportunities to draw customers in by standing out from your competition. At American Prefabricated Structures, we can help you achieve the one-of-a-kind design you’re looking for.

Stand Out from the Competition

From design inception, to the drawing, planning, and construction phases of your project, the APS team will partner with you every step of the way to create a unique self-storage space. We have extensive experience in the architectural design, planning processes and corporate branding.

In an industry heavily influenced by customer perceptions and referrals, we want to help you make a striking first impression with your structures. At APS, we have been working hard to develop unique aesthetic concepts for both indoor and outdoor units. Our experienced architectural and engineering teams place heavy emphasis on design differentiation and drawing customers in using bright colors and eye-catching curves of modern presentation.

A strategic material selection process can transform your self-storage unit and turn it from an average design to an attractive building with the appearance of a high-end office, retail, or residential space.

Freshen it up with a decorative façade or a range of surface finishes.
Give alternating panels a variety of textures.
The design possibilities go on and on.

When you work with APS, you can choose from our selection of over 30 different cold roll-formed metal profiles in over 100 different material types, secondary finishes, and colors to customize your storage units. Our profiles, made from aluminum, steel, stainless steel, weathering steel, and more, include:

  • Sinewave
  • Box rib
  • B-Deck
  • R-Panel
  • Box Beam
  • V-Beam
  • Bold Rib
  • Cor-Rib

A simple pop of color can help your self-storage units stand out from the rest, drawing attention to a unique design. Accent your walls, doors, and building trim with electrifying shades offered within our broad range of colors and vibrant hues for large prefabricated parts and components.

Browse our site for design renderings, photos of completed projects, and material and finish offerings to see examples of what American Prefabricated Structures can do for you.

Custom Work

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Come to us with your own design ideas and we’ll help you turn them into a reality.

Our engineering team would be happy to collaborate with you to develop the specifications that work for your desired space.

Contact us today to learn more about how American Prefabricated Structures can help you design a stunning self-storage system.

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