Gas Station Canopies

With so many similar, dull designs, gas station canopies are due for a facelift.

Beyond just unpleasing aesthetics, the structural design of most canopies hardly provides drivers and workers with ample protection from the elements when pumping gas during rain or snow.

But what if you could differentiate your brand and build recognition by installing an eye-catching, modern canopy? American Prefabricated Structures offers complete engineering, design, and construction services to help you bring your new canopy to life.

Stand Out Structurally

gas-station-canopyAt APS, we believe you can transform your corporate image with distinctly designed metal gas station canopies. Our architectural and engineering teams have developed multiple proprietary design concepts for non-traditional canopies that will not only shelter the people underneath them, but also catch the attention of drivers passing by.

Imagine the brand recognition you’d receive if all of your metal canopies across the country were curved instead of square. If you were the only brand using your unique structural design or color scheme, customers would instantly connect with your locations in a new way and seek them out for future business.

With the unique structures available from American Prefabricated Structures, we can help your company to stand out structurally from the competition.

Create Colorful Brand Designs

With the dull colors and styles of most gas station canopies, it’s not a surprise that potential customers tend to drive by without a second thought. But if your canopies were designed with aesthetically-pleasing, attention-grabbing colors or unique, uncommon materials, you would catch the attention of every passerby and increase your customer base — and your profit — significantly!

At American Prefabricated Structures, we offer more than 30 different prefabricated cold roll-formed metal profiles in more than 100 materials, colors, and finishes to differentiate your brand and earn unprecedented recognition, including:

  • Sinewave
  • Box rib
  • B-Deck
  • R-Panel
  • Box Beam
  • V-Beam
  • Bold Rib
  • Cor-Rib

Highlight these funky profiles with vibrant pops of color or a variety of surface textures. With a wide range of options to personalize your design and customize your canopy style, our design team can help you to differentiate your brand design from anyone else in the market.

Custom Design Work

If you can’t find a design concept on our site that matches your design needs or your branding vision, we invite you to come to us with your own ideas.

Our knowledgeable design engineering team is more than happy to work with you on developing an original drawing and designing a structure that suits your ideal corporate image. With years of experience designing unique structures across a variety of industries, our team can partner with you to create your ideal canopy that matches your exact specifications and needs.

Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you stand out from the competition with custom metal gas station canopies.


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