Custom Designed Structures

American Prefabricated Structures’ architectural capabilities provide property owners/end users with a wide range of design possibilities.

With custom prefabrication work appearing in large-scale projects across a range of industries, we can design any large architectural structure to suit your specific needs.

Turnkey Structural Solutions

We provide customers with a complete, one-stop solution to their unique challenges. From commercial canopies and trendy tiny houses to huge entertainment venues and heavy duty military shelters, APS can customize an architectural concept, incorporating any ancillary or accessory items into the design package.

Our sleek corrugated metal panels, available in over 30 profiles and 100 colors, finishes, and materials, have been incorporated into the siding of modern architecture such as the LV Series Home, an iconic, minimalist, and green design that has served as a prefab pioneer in North American homes for 15 years. Browse rocioromero.com to view how our work has been incorporated into the LV home.

Designs for High Impact Environments

In addition to contemporary design aesthetics, APS’s architectural capabilities include the creation of durable structures resistant to high impact environments. In 2006, the United States Marine Corps commissioned APS to develop a custom architectural plan specifically designed to withstand exploding shrapnel and fragmentation from incoming mortar fire.

In response, APS (in cooperation with affiliated companies Corrugated Metals, Inc. and Infrastructure Defense Technologies, LLC) created Rapid Deployable Building Systems (RDBS), a series of small buildings consisting of structural supports and a proprietary roof design of concrete, sandbags, and corrugated metal to shield the soldiers stationed inside. This protective design can still be found throughout Iraq and Afghanistan today, protecting troops on active duty in dangerous war zones.

Custom Development for Any Project

While these examples provide snapshots of our vast architectural capabilities, the sky is truly the limit at American Prefabricated Structures. Come to us with any architectural concept or design challenge, and we will partner with you to create and construct a customized solution.

Whether your project demands smooth design aesthetics or engineering to withstand extreme conditions, APS can custom design a structure for your application.

To learn more about how we can help with your next prefabricated metal project, contact us today.

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