How to Solve Graffiti Problems for Self-Storage Facilities

Graffiti-based vandalism is nothing new. Unfortunately, the U.S. has recently seen an uptick in graffiti-related incidents, costing an estimated $12 billion in annual cleanup expenses. Self-storage facilities in particular, often isolated and unmonitored, can quickly become the perfect targets for graffiti vandals.

Not only does graffiti damage your physical structure and emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), but it also decreases the curb appeal of your facility and lowers property value. To protect against these threats, studies show that it is critical to remove graffiti as soon as possible so as not to create an inviting target for more vandals.

Graffiti Damage

Graffiti on a metal security door in New York NY.Graffiti can take many forms, damaging all kinds of public and private property across the country. Here are some fast facts:

  • The Department of Justice estimates billions of dollars are spent annually to remove graffiti
  • Graffiti has been proven to contribute to reduced ridership on transit systems, loss in revenue, reduced retail sales, and a decline in property value
  • Graffiti can appear on building walls, transit systems, statues, traffic lights and signs, bridges, monuments, sidewalks, and almost anywhere else
  • Vandals commonly use spray paint, large markers, glass etching fluid, and shoe polish

The Solution

In order to combat the harmful effects of graffiti vandalism, Valspar has partnered with Graffiti Removal Services (GRS) to develop a cost-effective coating system that protects buildings from defacement. GRS brings over 15 years of graffiti fighting experience to help Valspar outline products, techniques, and procedures for removing graffiti from all metal surface buildings.

valsparThis ASTM and Valspar Coil and Extrusion product-compliant system uses non-toxic brush-on/wipe-off application to quickly and effectively remove graffiti without damaging the underlying coating. It is water-soluble, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. The innovative cleaning system protects every coating in Valspar’s product line against the disfiguring damages of graffiti vandalism and graffiti-removal.

The combination of Valspar’s high-performance coatings and GRS’ environmentally safe cleaning system can earn building owners substantial cost savings on repainting or replacing panels.

The benefits of Valspar and GRS’ solution are twofold:

  • Resistance – The tested and approved ASTM-compliant graffiti-resistance is built right into Valspar’s products, so no expensive add-ons are required. The system covers both existing and new construction.
  • Restoration – All products have an easy brush on/wipe off application with no dwell time required to remove graffiti quickly, safely, and accurately. This product is non-toxic, water-soluble, sustainable, and biodegradable.
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Valspar and APS

Want your custom prefab storage unit to stay custom to your tastes and your tastes only? American Prefabricated Structures (APS) can design and build a storage unit to the color and finish of your choice, while also protecting against the harmful effects of graffiti vandalism. Don’t let the risk of graffiti deter your decision to customize your storage unit.

For more information about how to protect your custom self-storage units, contact APS today.

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