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3 Ways Metal Canopies Enhance Your Brand’s Image

Not only do modern canopies protect your facility from the elements, but they also play an important role in building recognition for your brand. Metal canopies, found in gas stations, fast food restaurants, retail storefronts, residential buildings, and more, should be designed to catch the attention of passersby.

The structural design of your building is just as important as its integrity. When form follows function, customers will begin connecting a uniquely designed canopy to your brand.

Here are three ways metal canopies enhance your brand’s image:

1. They are structurally sound.

A filling, gas, or petrol station at night, Kent, England First and foremost, your metal canopy needs to carry out the basic function of protecting and sheltering what’s underneath it. Canopies shield buildings and customers from sun, hail, wind, sleet, snow, rain, and more. Based on the style of your building, canopies can be incorporated into the structural design in various ways such as direct attachment to entrance and exit points, loading zones, waiting areas, and drive-through passageways.

The three types of metal canopies – flat, sloped, and curved – are all engineered to satisfy specific building codes and standards, with the architectural plan designed to meet these specifications. These styles are large in scale to attract customers from afar, and they add variety and personalization to your storefront in order to help your business to stand out. Most importantly, they keep customers safe, which in turn will bring more business.

Not only does this protective layer improve personal safety for customers, but it is also a cost-effective method to decrease utility costs for your business. By regulating building temperature during heat waves and protecting the facility’s surface from corrosion and harsh weather conditions, canopies can reduce long-term maintenance costs.

2. They have visual appeal.

Shutter door outside of factory at night.Beyond carrying out basic protective functions, modern canopies can be designed in a multitude of ways to incorporate attention-grabbing colors and uncommon materials. When it comes to differentiating your brand from the competition and catching the eye of potential customers, every detail counts.

Canopies can help brighten new buildings, as well as bring older structures back to life through adaptive reuse. A uniquely designed canopy comprised of mixed materials and vibrant accent colors can transform an outdated building to give it a sleek, contemporary look.

Coordinate both canopy design and color to match your building’s overall style as well as its other metal elements. Different shapes, lights, colors, textures, and identifying graphics (without any need for add-on sign structures) are all important considerations that can help your structure to stand out above the rest.

3. They’re customizable.

The sky is truly the limit for customized canopies, and a unique architectural design can communicate a variety of branding messages to meet your company needs. For example, a large structure with mixed colors and materials could help showcase a bold brand on a storefront, while a simple metal awning could extend restaurant real estate to accommodate outdoor seating for guests.

By mixing and matching design aesthetics, your customized look will expand the function of your structure while making a statement to set your brand apart from competitors, enhance your image, and draw in new customers.

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