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How to Prepare for Crazy Tuesday

Long lines, enthusiastic customers, deep discounts — Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, has become ingrained into American culture year after year. Weeks in advance, retailers begin preparing to ensure that they can meet demand on the biggest shopping day of the year. For retailers in self-storage industry, the same level of preparation goes into the day after Memorial Day — also known as Crazy Tuesday.

Most residential moves occur between the months of May and September, with Fridays as the most common day to move. Self-storage use increases during this timeframe, as residents pack away extra belongings after a spring cleaning or students move in and out of dorm buildings need space to securely store their belongings. In other cases, customers utilize self-storage options to temporarily house items when there is a gap between their move-out and move-in dates or if a family downsizes when purchasing a new house.

Manage Your Storage Needs Independently

Crazy TuesdayBecause Crazy Tuesday falls on May 31st, just after a three-day weekend during peak moving season, high demand can make it difficult for customers to book sufficient storage space for their needs.

American Prefabricated Structures (APS) can calm the chaos by helping you to design, build, and assemble your own custom storage unit. Custom self-storage units offer a number of benefits, especially:

  • Affordability: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average person moves 12 times; if you have your own storage unit, you can take it with you each time you move. APS can help you design and build a unit within your price range — once it’s built, there are zero monthly or yearly rental fees.
  • Convenience: Move at your own pace on the day you prefer, even at short notice. Having your own personal unit eliminates the need to wait for a unit to become free at an affordable rate.
  • Quality: We use the highest quality materials with optional secondary finishes, such as laminate, embossed, perforated, precision curved and colored materials. All structures are proudly sourced and made in the USA. Using modern architectural designs and colorful components, APS units offer a sleek and contemporary appearance.
  • Customization: If you choose to build an APS storage unit, you’ll get a high quality, sleek design that’s completely customized to your requirements. With more than 100 different material choices, including aluminum, carbon steel, and A606 weathering steel, the options in design, materials, and overall look are nearly endless.

Planning Your Move

Once you’ve designed and built a custom structure with the help of our team, you can focus on a stress-free move. To ensure that your move goes as seamlessly as possible, be sure to:

  • Plan Ahead: Though it seems obvious, planning ahead is crucial to a successful move. Plan down to the details, like determining the number of boxes you will need, scheduling your move, arranging drivers, and purchasing supplies for cleaning once you arrive at your new home. Organize these details at least a month ahead of time and have a record of it to share with anyone participating in the move.
  • Move on a Quiet Day: Scheduling on a slower moving day, like an off-peak day in the middle of the month, statistically will help with both truck availability and moving rates.
  • Pre-Pack Your Unit: Getting your packed boxes into your custom unit will help to save time and frustration on moving day. It also saves you space to work the day of the move so you can gather large pieces to take straight to the truck.
  • Label Everything: Each box should be packed according to your organization style and properly labeled by room or purpose.

Moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With a custom storage unit and a thoroughly executed plan, you’ll have yourself into a new space before you know it. Contact our experts today for more on building a custom storage unit before the next Crazy Tuesday hits.

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