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American Prefabricated Structures (APS) is a manufacturer of various types of pre-engineered metal building systems.

The APS prefabricated product selection includes but is not limited to:

We seek to develop long term business relationships with companies who want to promote and enhance their corporate image and brand.

At APS, we pride ourselves on the ability to customize any of these design plans to create the system that best suits your application. We encourage you to browse our website for design renderings and examples of our past work. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for on our site, we invite you to come to us with an original idea. Our architectural and engineering team is more than happy to workshop a drawing with you until it matches your needs.

APS is affiliated with longtime metal roll forming leader Corrugated Metals, Inc. (CMI). CMI has manufactured prefabricated self-storage components such as roofs, walls, and support beams for over 125 years, and is proud to offer customers complete design and engineering services for these structures through APS.

CMI offers an unparalleled product selection, broad equipment capabilities, high production volumes, and innovative engineering. Backed by these assets and over a century of industry experience, APS provides customers the opportunity to purchase completely turnkey prefabricated solutions.

Like our partners at CMI, we believe that being “customer-focused” means developing solutions to solve our customers’ problems. We value fair treatment of employees, defect-free products, on-time shipping, design assistance, and new growth strategies, all while offering these services at competitive prices.

For more information about how American Prefabricated Systems can help you design and build a custom prefabricated structure, please contact us today.

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